ROW80-4 -11/12/17 -A Successful Book Fair.
ROW80-4 -17/12/17 -Turkey Day

ROW80-4 -15/12/17 -Are We There Yet?

And so another Round draws to a close - well, almost. Did I do well? Sort of. When I joined several years ago I was detailed in my goals and objectives, as well as meticulous in my tracking. Now, not so much. Check-ins get missed, my focus wanders, objectives get changed - or dropped. But it is what it is. I still appreciate what direction it still gives to my writing, the friends I have made, and their encouragement. And I look forward to the next ROW, both as a participant and a sponsor.  

In 2018 I'd like to nudge myself back into writing, be it flash fiction or short stories or a novel. After doing all three for a few years, and studying more on the craft of writing, I did improve the quality of my work, I think, but I also raised the bar for myself as to what was good enough as a first or second draft. My earlier Flash Fiction seem pretty rough to me now, but I need to remind myself that at least they got out there. And they were/are a great way to test drive story ideas and characters. I have ideas for some more stories, and good role models in friends that submit regularly. And I have several NaNoDrafts to work on - five in fact. 


  • writerly -Some editing was done, in spite of Christmas prep. And discussions of my current WIP with my girlfriend/editor. 
  • reading - Newspapers of course. And I have a new book from the library, The Professor and the Madman, by Simon Winchester, 'A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary'.   
  • games - Update - Logitech will replace my G27 wheel. So in the New Year I can be distracted by diving the roads of North America. Or Europe. Or the muddy logging roads of Russia. And of course, stream it all on Twitch. 
  • Netflix/Prime - I joined Amazon Prime, for the free/fast shipping, as I had to buy a last minute Christmas present. With it, comes Amazon Prime Time, their streaming service. My first choice on there was American Gods, based on the Neil Gaiman book. OMG, what a great series - writing, cinematography, and acting.  
  • health - still good. I may get a FitBit for Christmas. 






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Eden Mabee

The shift in focus and lack of determined professionalism seems to be pervasive... not just the ROW80 (though we've certainly felt it here--one only needs to look at the membership shift). Some of it, I'm sure is related to the political situations around us, some to just being tired of fighting the uphill battle... some of it is the fact we've let ourselves go, let ourselves say "we can do it next time" (I'm one of the worst offenders here)... we tend to want the joy of writing, the joy of being writers without all the busywork and clutter of being writers.

I suspect it's a bit of a phase we all need to go through. The way through... is to do what you're doing, Mike. Moving forward, picking up the pace as you recognize it is slacking. Writing, selling books (head that awesome news about last weekend! WOOT!). Sometimes journeys involve a few delays and sight-seeing. Just as long as you get where you're going too. :-D


I admit I am too focused on politics now, especially American. Yes, I'm Canadian, but it is hard to look away. And of course Trump's thoughts and actions - or lack of both - do affect us.

Beth Camp

I also feel my commitment to ROW80 shifting as the years pass -- and my stamina changes. Efforts to simplify reporting yet keep my commitments to others in our ROW80 community sometimes seem a little more than I can do. What I appreciate here is your continuing commitment to good writing (the best we can do) and to setting goals that reflect your interests in a way that is not overwhelming. May 2018 be very good to you!

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