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ROW80-1 -17/01/18 -Drowsy

That's me, one of the Seven Dwarfs. I started this post last night as I popped in and out of bed. It was a restless night as confirmed by my new FitBit. Sharing my bed, late night drinks, indigestion, mind whirling with plans for a big weekend - lots of correlation but no specific causation. I did get some reading done, as I've found that after 1/2 hour of restlessness I'm better to just get up. I finally did catch some zzz's, had my two coffees, and am raring to go. More people arrive tonight, Depart with Dignity military do Friday, big dinner here Saturday, then the gang flies out Sunday.  

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ROW80-1 -15/01/18 -Too flexible?

I don't mean physically, I mean with my objectives. I am semi-retired and/or self-employed, which means I don't really HAVE to do things. But I do want stick with this writerly thing.So - another check in, after a week, and a day late at that. But I am keeping a more detailed journal, so even if I stray occasionally at least I know where I went. And I did do a lot of stuff, some of it even planned. A friend just lost her partner in life after a brief but intense struggle with cancer, yet she managed somehow to stay focused on him as well as her family and all the other parts of her life. A good reminder that it's all about the journey, not necessarily the destination. But myself, I will try to be more writerly, at least up until Wednesday. My girlfriend arrives for another visit then, followed by her brother Thursday. Both staying here - he gets the couch. Then Friday it's three more of her siblings, plus their partners and some kids. Not all staying here, but we will host a dinner Saturday for all of the above. Plus some friends, as the weekend's feature attraction is one sister's divestiture (?) - leaving the military.  On good terms.

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ROW80-1 -07/01/18 -Someone's watching me . . .

and I think it's me. I've been journaling more this round. I start the day by looking at my objectives, then decide how to best fulfil all/some of them in the day. Then check it at night. Only a few days so far, but seems to be working. Plus I have that new FitBit now, to keep me active. It tracks my steps, and sleep, and has a 'get moving' option. This assumes you'll be doing 250 steps/hour, and checks at 10-to just to see if you're there yet. If not, it reminds you.

Note- I almost fired this off Sunday evening, but got distracted by Golden Globes opening, and then Maisel.

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ROW80-1 -03/01/18 -Objectives

Yes, should have been posted Wednesday, but life got in the way. Car repairs, babysitting, reading, seeing off a friend to Costa Rica, driving from Russel (MB) to Fort Nelson (BC). 

I already posted my 2018 goals (similar to 2017's), but I'll repeat them here to show how I tried to derive some SMART objectives for this round. To help set these, I'll be journaling at the end of each day, to record how I did, and at the start, to plan it out a bit. As opposed to just trying to catch up 3-4 times a week. 

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