ROW80-1 -03/01/18 -Objectives
ROW80-1 -15/01/18 -Too flexible?

ROW80-1 -07/01/18 -Someone's watching me . . .

and I think it's me. I've been journaling more this round. I start the day by looking at my objectives, then decide how to best fulfil all/some of them in the day. Then check it at night. Only a few days so far, but seems to be working. Plus I have that new FitBit now, to keep me active. It tracks my steps, and sleep, and has a 'get moving' option. This assumes you'll be doing 250 steps/hour, and checks at 10-to just to see if you're there yet. If not, it reminds you.

Note- I almost fired this off Sunday evening, but got distracted by Golden Globes opening, and then Maisel.


  • writing - 1 h/d- Done, between ROW80 posts and Holly's FF course.
  • writerly - Kept up with blog posts via Feedly this week. 
  • read - Last week's NYT done, and today's started. I also finished a book at the start of this round, so I'll mention it - The Professor and the Madman. Fascinating story about the creation of the first Oxford English Dictionary, and two of its main authors. Here's my review. I've also started reading a friend's book, Legacy. We traded books and reviews. I need to remember he'd asked for a review, not an edit.
  • health - As mentioned, FitBit working so far. 
  • social - dinner with my daughter and her hubby and two kids. And playtime. I did some story cards with the four-year-old. 
  • fun - no truck driving, as I was distracted by the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, on Amazon Prime. Binge watched four in a row. I'm also following Cardinal, on CTV. 
  • chores - Tree and decorations deconstructed and stored in the basement. Therefore, I was able to move the big table/work desk back under the living room window. It's a high window, so I see just the sky and trees and top halves of houses. 


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Eden Mabee

Sounds like you had a very successful (and even sometimes fun) last few days... Good for you! I get your comment about having to remember to not edit... there's always something that feels like it can be fixed, even in the most polished of books. Just have to bite tongue and remember... "it's not my book; it's already published; it's not my book". ;-)

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