ROW80-1 -07/01/18 -Someone's watching me . . .
ROW80-1 -17/01/18 -Drowsy

ROW80-1 -15/01/18 -Too flexible?

I don't mean physically, I mean with my objectives. I am semi-retired and/or self-employed, which means I don't really HAVE to do things. But I do want stick with this writerly thing.So - another check in, after a week, and a day late at that. But I am keeping a more detailed journal, so even if I stray occasionally at least I know where I went. And I did do a lot of stuff, some of it even planned. A friend just lost her partner in life after a brief but intense struggle with cancer, yet she managed somehow to stay focused on him as well as her family and all the other parts of her life. A good reminder that it's all about the journey, not necessarily the destination. But myself, I will try to be more writerly, at least up until Wednesday. My girlfriend arrives for another visit then, followed by her brother Thursday. Both staying here - he gets the couch. Then Friday it's three more of her siblings, plus their partners and some kids. Not all staying here, but we will host a dinner Saturday for all of the above. Plus some friends, as the weekend's feature attraction is one sister's divestiture (?) - leaving the military.  On good terms.

  • Write - I did a few hours on my FF course, but I'm still stuck on week 2/3. Too much self-editing. I had the same problem with the last NaNoWriMo I tried to finish so maybe if I can just let go with these little stories - that nobody ever had to see - I can learn again to relax and create.   
  • Writerly - Still staying current with various blogs by writers, editors, and agents. 
  • Read -Yet another NYT and Guardian Weekly to tempt me. But first - finish this mystery novel I'm reviewing for a friend. 2/3 through.
  • Health -Well, I must say my FitBit works! I like the nudges for 250 steps/hr I can set up, plus the overall step tracking, heart rate, and sleep monitor. 
  • Social - I had a good visit with my son's kids, and dropped in to my local for several beers. And nachos. Then home for leftover pasta and more beer. That pretty well killed the evening ;-)  But I am trying to ration myself on pub trips. 
  • Fun - Not that I don't enjoy all the above, but this is sort of a catch-all. For things like playing my truck simulator and streaming it on Twitch and Youtube. For my 3 followers ;-)  And for watching shows like Black Mirror (Netflix) and Mr. Robot (Amazon Prime). I'm binge watching Mr. Robot - well into Season 2 now. I like it. 
  • Chores - I've been cooking up some cold weather dishes. Chili last week, and baked beans yesterday. Both yummy but it's too cold out to open enough windows. 


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Sorry to hear about your loss. But sounds like you're staying plenty busy! Lots going on. Enjoy the company!

Eden Mabee

Staying on track with a set of personal goals can sometimes be the only thing that keeps one sane during the unsteadiness that illness or death bring. (You can probably imagine how many times that friend said she needed to do posting and chores and her regular activities... if only because it felt normal, brought a sense of stability and comfort.)

Sometimes I think we get too relaxed when things are going right. Not that I'm asking for disaster to come crashing down! *crosses fingers* Just that when things seem to be going well we tend to relax and instead we should be challenging ourselves to do something out of our comfort zone then.

Still thinking that one over. Though, I do believe we are all stronger and more capable than we allow ourselves to believe. We just need a moment to trust in that ability.

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