ROW80-1 -15/01/18 -Too flexible?
Too Many Bodies

ROW80-1 -17/01/18 -Drowsy

That's me, one of the Seven Dwarfs. I started this post last night as I popped in and out of bed. It was a restless night as confirmed by my new FitBit. Sharing my bed, late night drinks, indigestion, mind whirling with plans for a big weekend - lots of correlation but no specific causation. I did get some reading done, as I've found that after 1/2 hour of restlessness I'm better to just get up. I finally did catch some zzz's, had my two coffees, and am raring to go. More people arrive tonight, Depart with Dignity military do Friday, big dinner here Saturday, then the gang flies out Sunday.  


  • Writing - This ROW 80 as well as some tweaking of my ongoing FF course. Stories are looking good.
  • Writery - I'm getting behind on my blogs, but I can check via my iPhone is spare moments. I skipped both my writer group meetings, but I may start a ne one. While at my local, The Wood, I was talking with Mike, next to me at the bar, and Anja, the bartender.  He was an engineer and technical writer, seems to have a creative mind, and wants to try fiction. She wants to write a memoir/self-help book. I threw out some ideas and Anja said we should all maybe get together to work. Call it  Write at the Wood. 
  • Read - As I was browsing through the latest Guardian Weekly, I learned about bilingual Cameroon. And I'm on page 230 of 296 of Legacy.
  • Health - I'm still walking, (usually) sleeping okay, heart rate is good, weight dropping slightly.  
  • Social - pub and coffee shop
  • Fun - More Mr. Robot and Black Mirror. And more streaming of my truck game. I've managed to figure out the best settings for me, but I do need a newer car. I have a GTX 750, which was the Nvidia entry level. Now that level is the 1050. Or a 1050ti. These are not cheap, though. 
  • Chores - lots of tidying and planning for the weekend, as well as a nice walk along Wellington shopping in my local places. I like it. 



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Eden Mabee

I love the Write at the Wood idea! It has a nice (almost artsy) sound. Sorry you missed your other groups though... Sometimes weeks get busy like that, and you have a lot of company there to deal with right now. (Serious congrats on the health scores!)

Beth Camp

We are only here in Merida (Mexico) for 7 weeks, but miraculously, I found a writers' group (in English) that meets weekly to join, and a lovely group it is. So I applaud your new group and wish you well. Your post here is a lovely mix of writing and play. Make good memories!


Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to following up with the writer group once this weekend's madness is done.

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