ROW80-1 21/02/18 -Heroes
The end

ROW80-1 -25/2/18 -Choices

Right now my problem is too many stories to choose from. I'd like to find an agent, but which of my five drafts do I focus on? 

I have:

  • Agnes of Grimm - fairy tale folk brought to life in modern times, trying to recapture their magic yet blend in. I like the characters in this one, they are fun.
  • Ghost in the Machine - a woman trapped in 'the cloud' after she dies, leaving husband and daughter behind, finds others in there too. Does she find a new goal in life? I haven't settled on the POV in this - the dead wife or the husband she left. 
  • The Portal - Mary has a husband, nice country home, new baby - but it's not enough. She misses the edgy life she once had. She's looking for some adventure and finds it through a mysterious door. It's like Medieval Earth, but with magic, and her doppelganger.  With a young female Merlin thrown in. This needs more historical research. 
  • The Managed - A retired revolutionary is drawn into a plot to manage and control everyone via implanted ID chips. They started as medical sensors, then data recorders, then control devices. This is pretty dystopian. 
  • The Game - Lonely teen just wants to determine how to fit into life like others do and regain the love of his father. Fitting in includes hiding his weird ability to dream the future. He discovers that The Game is more than career planning, it's also a live or die selection process for fighters against aliens. Will he risk revealing and using his ability? Sort of a Hunger Games meets the Last Starfighter. This is my last one, not finished at NaNoWriMo 2017, as I stalled after lots of planning and outlining.   

  My plan is to do a longer summary of each one, maybe three pages, and solicit some beta readers to give feedback as to which ones look to have the best potential for a good story and which ones seem the most marketable. Hopefully those two sets overlap. 

In other news, here's my status:

  • Writing - None really, other than this post.
  • Writerly - Still reading blogs and doing some research on religion - it's anthropological roots. 
  • Publish/Market - I've started doing those summaries.
  • Read - More Guardian Weekly and the Sunday NYT, but I also finished American Gods. I very much enjoyed it. 
  • Health - My FitBit continues to get me moving, as well as improving my sleep. A good investment 
  • Social - I'm in Toronto again, visiting my girlfriend. We visited 'my' local here, The Dizzy, and discussed sports. Her brother came to dinner - and discussed religion. 
  • Fun - No truck driving online, but we did watch a lot of the Olympics. 
  • Chores - Well, I'm visiting, so I help with the dishes and carry groceries. 



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Shan Burton

Sounds like a good week - lots of potential and progress. Of the stories, I think Ghost in the Machine might be my early favorite.

Good luck narrowing it down!

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