ROW80-1 -28/03/18 -If I were much later it would be Round 2
ROW80 -3 -13/07 -Back with a tiny objective

ROW80-2 - Goals/Objectives

My long term goals are the same this round: write, write better, publish, enjoy life, and stay healthy.

My main objective this round is to do something with all these draft novels I have. I did seven NaNoWriMo's over the last eight years, and have published two of them so far. The others need to be sorted through, and the best one picked for me to focus on. I'm in the NaNoWriMo April Camp for that, so we'll see how well I can focus on that task.


  • Write -I'll try to get back into Flash Fiction as a writing exercise, and not worry too much about polishing each one. One per week.
  • Write better - as before, keep Feedly blogs caught up. Also, attend my two writer groups each month.
  • Publish/market - do a synopsis of each of five draft novels. Eventually get beta readers to help choose. 
  • Read/review - One book per week. 
  • Health -Fitbit steps are sometimes hitting my goal of 3500/day. Try for doing that 5/7 times a week. Sleep an issue (FitBit again), with late times or short overall sleep. Aim for 5/7 days on time and solid sleep. 
  • Social - Continue enjoying long distance relationship. Visit kids once/week. Local bar not more than 3/week. 
  • Fun - Netflix, online game streaming -no target, just keep an eye on it. 
  • Chores - spring cleaning?  



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Beth Camp

I love that opening sentence, kind of umbrella goals we ALL can live with, understand, reflect on. I'm hoping you will post more about your experiences at NaNoWriMo's April Camp (and if participating helps that revision of those earlier NaNoWriMo November drafts). I'm using that April Blogging A-Z Challenge for my writing blog to explore . . . Have a great Round 2.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid

Looks like you have a plan, Mike, and that's always the best way to start.


Nice set of goals indeed! Best of luck with them all.

Denise D. Young

A solid set of goals here. You sound like me, with a bunch of works in progress/completed drafts out there, just trying to decide between them and get something polished/finished. I swear, that's the hard part! Good luck!

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