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ROW80-3 -07/18 -Belated Birthday check in

Well, as often happens, I'm late with my check-in. But my excuse is that yesterday was my birthday. It was #72, and with no regrets, no "If only I had" thoughts. It is what it is. My girlfriend is up from Toronto, and we met my son, his wife, and two young kids at a nearby park. There's a small wading pool so all had a good time. Cake and pizza and pop. My girlfriend and I stopped in at my local for a drink, then to spend the evening on my back porch, drinking beer and cider, checking out the stars and planets (a beautiful clear and cool night), talk about Trump vs Putin, and then muse on the scale of the planets, and our galaxy, and the universe. Just to put it all in perspective. This was helpful -

But I have been doing my 2h/d writerly things. 

  • I checked out my Amazon Marketing Services campaigns and added some keywords.
  • I've been thinking of other marketing tricks. Why not record the first chapter of your book as an audio file. People like author readings. I have a setup for online streaming with web cam, so I could to a short video of the same. Not a flashy trailer, just me reading in front of book related background. I'm in a local writer's group, and we list our member's books. What if we added audio and video files? 
  • And yes, I'm still caught up on writerly blogs.



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