ROW80-2 - Goals/Objectives
ROW80-3 -15/07 -Writerly Blogs

ROW80 -3 -13/07 -Back with a tiny objective

Ok, so I need to re-think my approach here. Several years ago I was in here with a great set of SMART objectives, most of them focused on writing. And I met many of them. Lately - not so much. The last round I think I did the initial starting post and that was that. 

I was at my local, and one of my fans/customers was raving to people about me being a published author. Which was nice. I talked about the books I had published, the drafts I had done for others, the many Flash Fiction stories I had done, but when it came time for questions about what I was working on now, and when my next book was coming out - I was embarrassed. I have had a lot of interesting careers in my past, but I am reluctant to move writer and published author to the past tense. I do manage to find several hours a day to live-stream video games or rant on Facebook or chat with friends in my local so it's not for lack of hours in the life of the retired. 

So my objective, is that every day, 10 am to 12, I do something writerly. My choice, be it reading writer blogs, working on a short story, promoting my book, editing my various drafts, finding a publisher, whatever. 10 am means I can't stay up late streaming my truck driving game, and will work even with my gfriend here, as she usually sleeps to almost noon. We'll see how it goes. 


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