ROW80 -3 -13/07 -Back with a tiny objective
ROW80-3 -07/18 -Belated Birthday check in

ROW80-3 -15/07 -Writerly Blogs

One of the many writerly things I do is follow a number of sites related to writing/editing/publishing. I use Feedly to collect them in one spot, and can follow them via my desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Between them they generate 3-4 posts a day - not a lot but I still keep getting behind. 

The sites are:

The last two are my favourites, but there is some overlap in the others. Fiction University is interesting, but it also the only one to publish just an excerpt in the RSS feed, so I usually just see an announcement of an article, and a bio about the author, and a link to the web page. Dropped it today. 

So, an update: I met my 2hr/day every day so far. This post, plus dealing with all them blogs. And strategizing on choosing the next story to edit and send out.  

Now it's back to chores. Soccer is done - great final game, in spite of some questionable calls. 


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Beth Camp

Thank you, Steve. I was cheering for Croatia all the way (hubby was cheering for France). I thought Croatia played an outstanding game, though I must confess after watching ALL those games, I'm kind of glad the World Cup is over! Staying on top of current reading is pretty tough. I keep signing up for those helpful newsletters . . . and just got my e-mail in-box down under 100. Perseverance furthers. Have a great week!

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