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ROW80-3 -23/07 -Late bloomers

I was a latecomer to serious writing, starting my first book in 2010. But I did 'bloom', in  IMG_20180722_182219 the sense that I published it, and my second one, and wrote another five novels, as well as many Flash Fiction stories. I have slowed down, but maybe it's like a garden. The planning and planting is fun, but then the editing starts, the weeding, the moving around of plants as some look better than others, then some additions, some culling of a few.  I really don't like weeding or editing. The good news is that if I procrastinate editing, things don't keep growing. 

My girlfriend has been up for a few days, so I've not done as much writerly work as I'd planned. But, we (meaning mostly she) did transform the sad little patch of weeds and dirt in back into a garden. The landlady donated bags of dirt, Patty brought perennials from her place, and we shopped the market for deals. She had planned and rearranged and then finally dug them all in and drew up a map. Now I have to regularly weed and water, as she won't be up until September. 

As for my own garden centre, full of novels in various states of completion, the longer I wait the longer it takes to get back up to speed on those stories. 

Status: my aim was to spend 2 hr/day doing writerly things. I've caught up on blogs and writerly emails, so next will have to tackle the actual weeding ;-)  


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Chris W

Mike - I love your point about edits not growing if you leave them. I too am in the midst of editing and it's a bear, but necessary. Congrats on your garden, time with your lady love, and still making time to write. Keep it up!

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