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ROW80-1 -16/01 -Life is Strange

In general, yes, it is strange. But specifically, that's the title of a video game I started watching last night, a choose your own adventure sort of game, where your character is a 16 yr old high school student. I know, a little weird for me, an old grandfather. Max has to make choices - which door to open who to talk to, how to act toward them, what things to pick up/push/throw. Plus, she has a 'rewind' power, so she can go back a few minutes ad try to change what just happened. And not always for the better.  It's well rendered, with a great soundtrack, an interesting plot, good characters, and lots of emotional moments in the narrative. When I streamed the first episode I had a lot of viewers, with some even adding hints. Or voting on choices.

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ROW80-1 -13/01 -A bit sore

I did get to meet up with my son for lunch Friday at his new job, and we had a great time. I met his co-workers, had a quick tour, and ate in the cafeteria. But, it was -21c, -29c with the wind chill, so I dressed up. Too much. I donned my  heavier long underwear, a parka with hood zipped up,  wool jacket underneath,  heavy boots, ski mitts, and wool cap. It's about a 20 minute walk, and I was a little late, so really chugged along - when I got to his lobby I was dying of heat. It was at least twice my normal walking distance, and at a fast pace, so yesterday and today my hamstrings are sore. But a good sore.  Other than that, I did some writing, as well as tackling several 'write better' things.  And I set up anther Flash Fiction Friday prompt — a random choice of a location and a thing, from two lists.

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Autumn Endings

Autumn This week's Flash Fiction Friday challenge was based on a random photo. Mine was from PapaPiper, on Flickr.  This is a very warm and restful photo, evoking in me feelings of beauty and peace and of  contentment, of celebrating the end of a year and thinking ahead to Spring. So, of  course, I had to change it up a bit.  I had fun with this idea. This could be a longer piece, maybe even a novel.

Limit was 1000 words, I'm about 950. 

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ROW80-1 -09/01 -Waiting for more?

I seem to delay my bi-weekly check-ins until the evening, waiting for more I suppose. But then I often forget, annoying myself. I've been working on my FlashFiction story for this week, and signed up (again) on a critique site. 


  • Writing
    • I'm slowly fleshing out my FF for this week, for my site  It's SF, set on another planet with some intriguing variations. However, the temptation is to explain all those like e Wikipedia entry, using up all 1000 words without any real characters or issues. I'll have to try to compress things, with either less details or a shorter story line. 
    • I'm going to join the NYCMidnight Short Story challenge. We'll see how it goes.

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