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ROW80-1 -06/01 -Second Check-in!

I know, that should be no big deal, but I'm trying to set the bar low for me this Round for a number of things. Better the get some habits and a sense of accomplishment established. I did do pretty well so far, also, if I apply my general 'writerly' focus to things.


  • Write
    • New stuff - I did get a story done for my new Flash Fiction site. Comments welcome.
    • Editing - I started back into my third NaNoWriMo novel, Agnes of Grimm. I really like the characters, but I know it needs a lot of work. Usually, I attack it every few months, reviewing the outline and characters to see if the base is solid. And drop it after a week. Hopefully, this ROW will keep me at it long enough to see some progress.

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Slow Caboose

This is my first Flash Fiction in a while, and my first to this new prompt site - my site! 

The prompt was a song title - any random one from Spotify, Google Play - wherever. I got Slow Caboose, a leisurely jazz tune form the 50's, by Sax Mallard and his orchestra. Right away I thought of it as a kid's name, somebody very laidback, and the consequences of that. This took me way longer than it used to, as I'm both out of practice and pickier than I used to be. It was fun to create again.

We had 2000 words for this one, but I only used about 1300.


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ROW80-1 -02/01 -Late right off the mark!

Damn - I so wanted to be on time. But I did get some good stuff done, so all is not lost. I have spent at least 2/h per day being writerly, as in writing/editing/writing sites/writing tips. More than before, so that's a good thing.


  • Write - Flash Fiction - I started a new site, here, with an intro and the first prompt, due THIS Friday. I bought the URL, and wrestled with addressing issues, but did have time for writing. I'll have something ready.
  • Write better - I'm hoping my new FF site will encourage some writers to add their work as well as some constructive feedback. Write, assess, improve, repeat the cycle. I'm keeping current with writerly blogs - so far. Here's a good post on using time more effectively. 

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