ROW80 -Goals and Objectives - 2019
Slow Caboose

ROW80-1 -02/01 -Late right off the mark!

Damn - I so wanted to be on time. But I did get some good stuff done, so all is not lost. I have spent at least 2/h per day being writerly, as in writing/editing/writing sites/writing tips. More than before, so that's a good thing.


  • Write - Flash Fiction - I started a new site, here, with an intro and the first prompt, due THIS Friday. I bought the URL, and wrestled with addressing issues, but did have time for writing. I'll have something ready.
  • Write better - I'm hoping my new FF site will encourage some writers to add their work as well as some constructive feedback. Write, assess, improve, repeat the cycle. I'm keeping current with writerly blogs - so far. Here's a good post on using time more effectively. 
  • Publish/market - nothing specific, although having my own Flash Fiction site will help with branding.
  • Read w purpose - Nope. I do have a copy of Save the Cat waiting to be re-read. I'm thinking of turning my first two novels into a TV series, so I wanted to refresh myself on the process. But It's not on my list this ROW so I'll postpone it. But I also have some Guardian Weekly issues to catch up on.
  • Better health - Fitbit steps and sleep goals are still pretty hit and miss. I'll get there. At least all the Christmas cookies and cakes are eaten, so that's accomplished. 
  • Social - I did drop by my local New Years Eve afternoon to chat with friends. Nice
  • Have fun - this is more an area of doing less, or at least focusing better, especially for my Twitch streaming. I did review some streaming strategies, added keywords as I exported to my Youtube, set up a schedule, and ran my first multi-player convoy last night. One player joined me.
  • Chores - nothing major. I guess un-decorating could be next, altho my fake tree is quite happy so far.



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Lila Leigh

You addressed a good chuck of your goals so far. Good luck with your new website.

Eden Mabee

I love that you set up a new Flash fiction site, Mike. Have you advertised it in any other writing groups?

A busy couple days so far... So glad you made a point to include fun in your goals. So few of us do that these days. Keep on trucking. :-)

Shan Jeniah Burton

Always nice to see you, Mike.

We decided to rearrange our jumble of a living room to accommodate the tree, and didn't finish till Christmas Eve Eve (well, really, we haven't finished yet, just gotten to the point where there is room for the tree and an entertainment corner that is taking shape...). So our live tree will be good till at least mid-month, maybe a bit later.

Sounds like you're off to a good start - and congratulations on the new site!


I have a fake tree, and room for it. I kind of like it up.


I mentioned in a few, but it may take a while to catch on.

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