Slow Caboose
ROW80-1 -09/01 -Waiting for more?

ROW80-1 -06/01 -Second Check-in!

I know, that should be no big deal, but I'm trying to set the bar low for me this Round for a number of things. Better the get some habits and a sense of accomplishment established. I did do pretty well so far, also, if I apply my general 'writerly' focus to things.


  • Write
    • New stuff - I did get a story done for my new Flash Fiction site. Comments welcome.
    • Editing - I started back into my third NaNoWriMo novel, Agnes of Grimm. I really like the characters, but I know it needs a lot of work. Usually, I attack it every few months, reviewing the outline and characters to see if the base is solid. And drop it after a week. Hopefully, this ROW will keep me at it long enough to see some progress.
  • Write better - I'm hoping to get some constructive feedback from my FF. None yet. 
  • Reading - I have Son of a Trickster out from the library but barely started. Distracted by the Globe and Mail paper. 
  • Health. I've been aiming at 3500 steps, and missing too often. If I look for 2500, I hit that 57 over the past week. That feels better. Sleep - 4/7 nights hit my 7 hours. But, I hit the midnight bedtime only once. 
  • Social -I got to my local Thursday, for a good visit with friends. And I joined friends online twice for a convoy and chat. 
  • Fun
    • I'm spending less gaming time, but keeping to schedule to encourage people to follow. 
    • Netflix, etc. I start a lot of movies and series and lose interest. 
  • Comments

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    Lila Leigh

    Sounds like you are to a great start.

    Have a productive week!


    I think that creating a writing routine and momentum is really important. I'm working on establishing good habits too.

    For feedback, have you tried I used them for a while when they were only sci fi and fantasy but quit when I started writing more romance and less fantasy. I'm thinking about trying again now that they have more genre options available. Basically, you offer one quality critique a week and can put your own work through the line to be critiqued. The comments I got from there were usually pretty insightful.


    I did try them a while ago, but I was writing somewhat irregularly. You need to keep submitting to keep a valid account I think. Worth another look, though.


    It helps that it's too cold and messy to go out, not nice enough for snowshoeing or even a stroll to the river.

    Eden Mabee

    In general a good week of activity on your part. I don't know what to say about garnering solid critiques on your flash fiction site. I can promote it on the ROW80 blog this week, if you'd like me to.

    Otherwise, it looks like you should just keep doing what you're doing. Getting habits that will promote the change you're hoping to achieve will go a long way to getting these goals all realized.

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