ROW80-1 -06/01 -Second Check-in!
Autumn Endings

ROW80-1 -09/01 -Waiting for more?

I seem to delay my bi-weekly check-ins until the evening, waiting for more I suppose. But then I often forget, annoying myself. I've been working on my FlashFiction story for this week, and signed up (again) on a critique site. 


  • Writing
    • I'm slowly fleshing out my FF for this week, for my site  It's SF, set on another planet with some intriguing variations. However, the temptation is to explain all those like e Wikipedia entry, using up all 1000 words without any real characters or issues. I'll have to try to compress things, with either less details or a shorter story line. 
    • I'm going to join the NYCMidnight Short Story challenge. We'll see how it goes.

  • Write better - I signed up to the critique site Critters. Hopefully, with weekly submissions, I'll develop some good habits. 
  • Publish/market - just more tweaking of my various blogs and FB pages, so make sure all are one big happy family.
  • Reading - two good library books sitting here waiting . . .
  • Health - I dropped my step challenge to 2500. No problem hitting that, even if I stay in and pace my apartment. But it wouldn't kill me to just circle the block either if I have no errands to run in the area. I don't walk just for pleasure anymore. We do have more snow, and there is a new set of winter trails four blocks from here, that lead to a park along the river.  Sleep goes better without late afternoon coffee and late night wine and cheese. Well duh
  • Social - my son works nearby now - maybe a lunch? And I miss sitting in the sun outside my local coffee shop. 
  • Have fun - this was for things like my online streaming. My new schedule is working. More people are showing up when they know I'll be there ahead of time,  and I'm online less off-schedule. And the pennies keep trickling in ;-) 
  • Chores - I've been eyeing this Christmas tree. Maybe it's time to un-decorate. 


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Eden Mabee

I love the idea of adding a lunch visit with your son someday. And yeah... I hear you about the walking around the block (sort of... the shortest block here is a 3.5 mile stroll). We probably all need more exercise than we get.

If I recall how Critters works (it's been a while since I used them), you need to submit critiques at least 75% of the time, not weekly. It's a ratio, and you don't NEED to submit anything of your own (though why would you not?). It's been a while since I was involved in the group though. Sadly... it's just, I realized a long time ago that it was mostly short stories, and I'm not big on short. There were some amazing pieces, but even with their novel program, I felt I could never maintain my critique ratio because I still needed to focus on shorts more.

It might be perfect for you. I hope it works well.

Shannon D. Burton

It looks like you've got lots going on, Mike!

Personally, I make midnight of the night before my cutoff for updates. That keeps me from trying to squeeze in one thing more.

As for walking - I adopted a dog shortly after my husband died. I generally walk either her or my daughter's very energetic lab pup twice a day. The steps add up, and a lot of them are pretty brisk.

I thought about entering the NYCMidnight Challenge, but this isn't the year. A little too much already going on...

I wish you all the luck... and get ready for the link for posting your site - I will have it up soon!

Lila Leigh

Seems like you are doing great with your goals. I love FF but I normally stay with 100 words. Keep it coming!

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