Autumn Endings
ROW80-1 -16/01 -Life is Strange

ROW80-1 -13/01 -A bit sore

I did get to meet up with my son for lunch Friday at his new job, and we had a great time. I met his co-workers, had a quick tour, and ate in the cafeteria. But, it was -21c, -29c with the wind chill, so I dressed up. Too much. I donned my  heavier long underwear, a parka with hood zipped up,  wool jacket underneath,  heavy boots, ski mitts, and wool cap. It's about a 20 minute walk, and I was a little late, so really chugged along - when I got to his lobby I was dying of heat. It was at least twice my normal walking distance, and at a fast pace, so yesterday and today my hamstrings are sore. But a good sore.  Other than that, I did some writing, as well as tackling several 'write better' things.  And I set up anther Flash Fiction Friday prompt — a random choice of a location and a thing, from two lists.


  • Write - I finished another Flash Fiction, based on a photo this time. These are taking longer than they used to.  This one has real potential for a longer story, perhaps a novel. I'll keep it in mind for this year's NaNoWriMo.
  • Write better
    • I got some helpful feedback on my last story from several people, and will try another version sometime.
    • I did another prompt for my site, FlashFictionFriday.  I already made my own random choices from it, so that's simmering on my back burner.
    • To help in my editing, I bought ProWritingAid. Discounted to $36 US a year. Look online for reviews, they often have discounts. It runs online on their web page, in Chrome (as I type this), Word, and Scrivener. Besides inline corrections there is a summary report and many sub-reports for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, style, etc. Supporting it is a series of articles on writing, so you're bound to improve your writing.
  • Publish/Market - while in the cafeteria line with my son, the cook overheard me talking about writing. He was interested, we chatted, and I gave him my card. It has info on it as to where to buy my books - hopefully he will. Too bad I didn't have copies with me - I usually do.
  • Reading - nope, other than newspapers. 
  • Health - Some days I was way over my new 2500 goal, some way below. The problem with this frigid weather is that I don't really want to get all bundled up for a quick walk around the block. So when I do get out, it's for a serious list of local chores. I think I need to look at a weekly total step count instead. 
  • Social - Yes, good times with my son. And I will set up a visit with my daughter too. No pub last Thursday, as I was still editing my story. 
  • Have fun - Mostly the Twitch thing. Being sort of regular is helping to attract viewers, as well as limiting my time. I'm joining various followers on their own convoys with their own groups, so am expanding my network. And their followers often come back and follow me. They all like Gramps ;-)
  • Chores - Does laundry count? Not really, I've job jar I need to dip into. 


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Lila Leigh

I'm glad everything is moving forward, and that you had a good time with your son.

I hope you have a successful week ahead.

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