ROW80-1 -13/01 -A bit sore
Just Animal Crackers

ROW80-1 -16/01 -Life is Strange

In general, yes, it is strange. But specifically, that's the title of a video game I started watching last night, a choose your own adventure sort of game, where your character is a 16 yr old high school student. I know, a little weird for me, an old grandfather. Max has to make choices - which door to open who to talk to, how to act toward them, what things to pick up/push/throw. Plus, she has a 'rewind' power, so she can go back a few minutes ad try to change what just happened. And not always for the better.  It's well rendered, with a great soundtrack, an interesting plot, good characters, and lots of emotional moments in the narrative. When I streamed the first episode I had a lot of viewers, with some even adding hints. Or voting on choices.


  • Write - I worked on this week's Flash Fiction. My random choices from the location and thing lists were a quiet suburb and a box of animal crackers. I did the outline.
  • Write better - I'm keeping up with various writerly blogs.  As for writing groups, I skipped one of them last night. See above video game. But, I still am a frequent online commenter to their page.
  • - nada
  • Reading - I finished The Grimoire of Kensington Market. It's a fantasy novel, set in Toronto, with people all turning to the drug, Elysium. Pipes of this encourage dreams and hallucinations and is thinning the walls between this world and a fantasy land. Well written, I might buy a copy. 
  • Health - OK, 7 day step average is 2200. Need to get a few more peaks. 
  • Social -booked a trip to Toronto next week to see my sweetie. 
  • Fun -mostly my online streaming, although Netflix and Amazon video streams sometimes catch my eye. Then I get bored with them.
  • Chores -laundry? And returned a pile of empties for cash.



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Eden Mabee

A "rewind" power... sounds daunting actually. Is it a repeatable talent or a one time per goof sort of thing? Can only certain goofs be "fixed"? Oh, the possibilities here....

Looks like you're making great progress, Mike. It's winter.... getting the steps in can be a lot harder in the colder months. We're evolved to snuggled up in nests and hide away from the snow and ice.

Shannon Yseult

Story time:
The first time someone mentioned the game "Life is Strange" to me I put a note in my phone and promptly forgot about it. A week later my phone buzzed with a message.

"Life is Strange"

Why yes phone, it is. And you're strange for mentioning it.

A week after that I was talking to my friend again and realized what had happened! I got the game shortly after and it's fantastic. Please keep us informed, it's a great game to see others playing through! Enjoy!

Lila Leigh

Sounds like you had fun this week. I'm still trying to make my step goal as well. Good luck with the rest of your week.

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