Just Animal Crackers
ROW80-1 -27/01 -Journeys and Destinations

ROW80-1 -20/01 -Yikes, a big challenge

2500 words in 8 days. Last Friday, at midnight, I got my prompt for the first round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. Genre ghost story, subject a donation, character a child psychologist. I was just getting used to my own 1000 word/week challenge, then I took this on. Why not? It's winter, and Ottawa has been hit with lots of snow and a cold winter blast. A good time to stay in, make some soups and stews, and write.

Note - I really did try to complete this Sunday, but that damn Netflix interfered! 


  • Write
    • I finished my FFF story, Just Animal Crackers. Prompt is from FlashFictionFriday.  The next prompt is a random genre. 
    • As mentioned, I'm starting a new short story - due Saturday the 26th at midnight. I mulled the prompt over for a day, and now have an outline done. I now use a three act structure, with Turning Points, rising and falling action - the whole shebang. It may seem like overkill for 1000 words, or 2500, but it helps me start with a sound structure. 
  • Write better
    • I got some good feedback on my FFF story as well as on the structure for my short story.
    • I renewed my membership for my local group. 
    • I did a critique for Critters.org of a short story
    • I'm really enjoying ProWritingAid - for the above critique, my own writing, as well as blogging and emails. 
  • Publish/market -I have been admitting to being a writer in conversations, such as at my local. No new sales. 
  • Read - I bailed on a book - Son of a Trickster. Second time I tried to start it. Just not for me. 
  • Health - walking is happening, here and there. 7 day average is 2800. 
  • Social - I got out to my local, in spite of the cold. Not too loud, so I worked on my SS outline while the Leafs (?) played on the TV's. 
  • Fun
    • I did more streaming of my truck driving game. And got my first payout from Twitch - yay!
    • Netflix -  Lucifer. Amazon Prime - Shameless. And some mediocre 'made for streaming' offerings. 
  • Chores


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Eden Mabee

Sounds fun. Another of our ROWers (Gracie) is doing the NYC Midnight Challenge too. Good luck to both of you.

Otherwise, it looks like you're doing pretty good on those goals, Mike. Too bad you had to bail on the book. It happens though. Next book.

Hooray for the Twitch payout!

Shan Jeniah Burton

You're the second one to mention ProWritingAid. I'm thinking I'll be checking it out soonish.

Looks like you've got a lot of things happening. Lots of writing, some walking, some social time, some soup, some streaming, some challenge, some feedback, and some payout. All good!

Stay safe and warm. We're following the major weekend storm and the Arctic blast with some nice ice today in upstate New York.

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