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A Cold Choice

Our prompt this week for Flash Fiction Friday was all about testing your character - in a blizzard, specifically. It seemed appropriate, given the sudden winter storms that have been descending on us this year. As a writer, we can throw things like blizzards and broken limbs and winning lottery tickets at our developing characters, to see what they make of the challenge. This story came out pretty fast for  me, and was fun. Just under 1000 words.

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Together as One

This week's FFF prompt was Valentine's Day related—write about love between monsters. Because everybody, or everything, deserves a little love. 

My monsters were an added challenge, as they were gender neutral, so I had to abandon the conventional 'he said, she said'.  But I enjoyed writing this one. Love is often about a struggle to overcome doubts and opposition, even when within oneself. 

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The Apprentice

This week's FFF challenge was to pick a first line at random from a list. Then write a 1000 word story from there. 

The list was:  

1- "Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?"
2- Detroit had been without aliens for years.
3- "If you leave now, you get nothing."
4- With sadness, she realised they needed some time apart.
5- I have two things on my mind: rice and zombies.
6- "You were meant to be watching him!"

I got the last one, #6. Here's my story, at 1008 - a tad over. I tried to show more and tell less this time. Backstory is still hard to hide.

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