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January 2019

Together as One

This week's FFF prompt was Valentine's Day related—write about love between monsters. Because everybody, or everything, deserves a little love. 

My monsters were an added challenge, as they were gender neutral, so I had to abandon the conventional 'he said, she said'.  But I enjoyed writing this one. Love is often about a struggle to overcome doubts and opposition, even when within oneself. 

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The Apprentice

This week's FFF challenge was to pick a first line at random from a list. Then write a 1000 word story from there. 

The list was:  

1- "Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?"
2- Detroit had been without aliens for years.
3- "If you leave now, you get nothing."
4- With sadness, she realised they needed some time apart.
5- I have two things on my mind: rice and zombies.
6- "You were meant to be watching him!"

I got the last one, #6. Here's my story, at 1008 - a tad over. I tried to show more and tell less this time. Backstory is still hard to hide.

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