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ROW80-1 -03/01 -More-ther Writerly

I think my sister picked up that term as a schoolteacher - meaning more than more. At any rate, as a writer, I can choose to follow the rules or not. I missed last Wednesday's post because I was on a train back from Toronto, but I have been doing more-ther writerly things. Status follows . . .

  • Write - I finished another Flash Fiction. These are more work than they should be. I'm trying to find out why, via some helpful articles. See below. 
  • Write better
    • As mentioned, I need some FF guidance. This article looks good, from The Writing Cooperative, as does this one from the Guardian. 
    • I posted the prompt for this week's FFF. Choose form a list of first lines. 
    • I posted my NYCMidnight Short Story in their forum, while awaiting the judges feedback, And I got some very helpful feedback from other writers. I, in turn, tried to give them feedback on their own works. 
    • I signed up for Master Class in writing, given online by Neil Gaiman. Looks good so far.   
    • New book - The Art of the Short Story - 52 famous authors presenting a favourite story and their insights on writing. 
  • Publish/market -I have a Duotrope membership. It lets you search for publishers and track submissions. A very detailed database, with good search parameters, and response times based on members own experience. I've been checking it out for my Flash Fiction and my Short Stories. Many are okay with reprints, and they pay.
  • Read - As usual, just Guardian Weekly, but I now have several assignments via the Gaiman class. 
  • Health - Fitbit walking- my 7 day avg is 3200 steps. Lots of waking while in Toronto,  Winter walking on snowy sidewalks should really pay a premium. We also went snowshoeing in their High Park. Fitbit sleep - Varies. I sleep better with my girlfriend. We often wake each other with snoring or dry coughs, but we go to bed at a regular time. 
  • Social - I was in Toronto last week visiting my girlfriend. Good times. We also met my sister for lunch, as part of  Toronto's Winterlicious festival. Prix fixe menus at almost 200 restaurants, all following a winter theme.  
  • Fun
    • I watched more Kimmy Schmidt, some American Gods, and binge watched all of Russian Doll. OMG. Watch it, on Netflix. 
    • Less of my driving/streaming.  
  • Chores - hmmm. Christmas tree? 


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Eden Mabee

I told my hubby (who loves to binge-watch Netflix after work to help his mind shift focus) about your suggestion of Russian Doll. I'm even tempted (though my television watching is always a weird thing).

Thanks for the links about writing FF. It's interesting to see the processes people suggest, and to note the challenges involved in such short pieces. They are an art form. Hope you find ways to craft them with more ease.

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