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The Sadness of Spring

Our challenge this week was to write about spring, as a time of loss, not joy. And to choose one of six songs as inspiration. Mine was It's a Beautiful Morning, by the Rascals. I revisited a scenario I've been working on, to explore it some more. This will eventually lead to a novel I think, or a series.  In the meantime, here's my little story. It's 980 words.

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Why Not?

Furiousfictionlaundromat I entered a Furious Fiction contest earlier in the month - 500 words, in 55 hours, for $500. The results are now up, here, so I can publish my entry. I didn't win, but it was a fun challenge. I actually found out about it half way through, so really had to push myself.  We were to use the laundromat picture as a setting, and a theme of 'curiosity'.  The contest runs the first weekend of every month.

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ROW80-1 -20/03 -Wandering into Spring

I haven't checked in a regularly as I'd planned this ROW. I think I tend to over-edit before I even start a post and plan so much for it that I give up. Short and sweet works too. I almost checked in March 11 - found my notes for it - but here I am to at least close of this session. Looking back, I did get more writing done - a Flash Fiction every week - so that's a good thing. This ROW also included some family things, visits with my girlfriend, a new 'local' to check out, snowshoeing and reading. I'm off to Toronto for a week, so will think about the next ROW80 on the train trip.

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