Coming Clean
Wardrobe Malfunction

ROW80-1 -03/03 -Is it Spring Yet?

We've had several bouts of above freezing days, with some sun, some rain. And even more below freezing days, with  sun and non-rain, that white stuff that you have to shovel. So, although I got out occasionally to snowshoe, or stroll around my hood, I've tended to stay in. So a bit more writing done, a lot more reading and gaming. As I listen to some tunes. I discovered how to 'cast from my smartphone to my Google Home, so I have a favourite DJ's tracks playing from Soundcloud.

Writerly Status:
  • Write
    • I did a 1000 word Flash Fiction for Feb 22, about being tested by a blizzard. It's titled A Cold Choice.
    • I did another 1000 word one for Mar 1, this time including eight specific words. Coming Clean.  
    • And I tried a last minute challenge, with only a day to spare, but it all seemed to come together quickly. I like it when that  happens. It's from an Aussie site, and challenges you every month to 500 words, in 55 hours. For $500. No fee. I'll post here  when they say is okay. 
  • Write better -Well, I'm writing, which gets a little easier every time, and I'm getting it online and getting feedback. Some praise, which s always nice, but also so some constructive criticism. I paused  the criters group at, as it's too scheduled for my focus - or lack of it. 
  • Publish/market
    • I've been pushing my books on my Twitch stream to followers
    • I've been cross-posting my little stories to my author page on Facebook. 
    • I got my annual  'library cheque' from the Canada Council of the Arts. It's meant to compensate writers to encourage them to put their books in libraries. $707, for my two books. 
  • Read - Lots of books, but some DNF (did not finish). There There -DNF. The Winters (inspired by the book Rebecca) 3/5. Transcription -4/5. Hey Kiddo -2/5.  

Other stuff:

  • Health -Steps and Sleep hours continue to be variable. We did get out to snowshoe. And I am eating better, thanks to boxes from GoodFood. Check it out - I have coupons.
  • Social -my girlfriend was up for a week. During the construction noise upstairs, so she had to rest a lot - but a good visit. We went to my daughter's for dinner and play time with the kids 
  • Fun
    • Lots of gaming. Trucking, trains, and a new hacker game, NITE Team 4. 
    • Netflix - binged Sex Education. Great. 
    • I bought another Google Home
    • The above-mentioned food boxes count as fun too, as each menu has intriguing ingredients to learn about. 
  • Chores
    • Well, less shoveling, but more sanding.
    • I met with my financial advisor and we adjusted my portfolio to be a little more defensive. He sees a 'natural' dip coming into a bit of a recession.


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Eden Mabee

Nice to get that cheque, and useful criticism on your stories is never a bad thing either. I agree, the schedule Critters always demanded was only good for a certain type of write. It's a great community, and I really learned a lot working with them, but it's "speciality-ware" for short fiction writers mostly.

Keep up having fun and being creative.

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