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Taken for a Ride

For the challenge this week, we were given a setting and five words to include in our story. You awake on an empty bus, lights flickering. End of the line. The words were from a random word generator. I got: insight, wing, concern, coincidence, and evolution. My story is well under the 1000 word limit, at only 789, but I like it as is. I used second person POV, just for something different too.

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ROW80-2 -10/04 -Snow-ish still, good for writing

Snowish Well, we're well into April and winter is still popping in now and then. That makes it easier to stay in and write, but dampens my enthusiasm for leisurely strolls of the neighbourhood. I suppose I'll have to blend them, as in stroll to a nearby cafe or pub with my laptop and work from there. I have been examining how to better market my existing two novels, and what to do with my growing collection of very short stories, my Flash Fiction. I'm enjoying cranking these out, as opposed to day after day of editing my novels. Lots of ideas for short story writing and marketing, but a focus will be needed.

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