ROW80-2 -Objectives -2019
The Annoying Neighbour

ROW80-2 -03/04 -First Check-in

Well, this is a good record so far - 100% of the check-in's. I was late to bed and early to rise, but my first coffee got me rolling, while I listened to the news. The news almost sent me back to bed, head under the covers. Canadian Politics is getting nasty/depressing. 


Objectives (writerly and an 'other' section):

  • Write - Because I do enjoy it. I'll set a new and very modest target of 1h/day, early in the day. 
    • Write new material - one draft Flash Fiction a week. Story idea done, as well as outline. It is to be about rain, too much rain. I'm writing about Noah's neighbours, Fred and Doris.
    • Edit existing material - to send in for publication - see below. 
    • Work on my next novel 
  • Write better - Read about how to write, and get constructive feedback.
    • My main source of writing info is a series of writerly blogs. Objective  -stay current.  Yup, current.
    • Continue with setting Flash Fiction prompts. Good for challenge, practice, and feedback. Objective - set a challenge a week. 
  • Publish/market  - We publish partially for the glory and bags of money, but also for the feedback and increased marketability. 
    • I have many FF written already, here. I'll re-examine them, and send off one a week to some publishers.
    • I'll add a newish marketing initiative here. Some online friends were discussing success of their online ad campaigns - Amazon and/or Facebook. As in $250 a day in ads, for $500 a day in profit. Not sure I believe them, but am revisiting my old Amazon and Facebook ad campaigns. 
  • Read with purpose
    • Objective - read and review a book a week. Library has two for me.


  • Better health
    • It's spring now. Set Fitbit target to 3500 steps a day. Objective - 5 times a week. 3800 one day, 500 the next. 
    • Set sleep target to 7.5 hours, starting at midnight. Objective - 5 times a week.  As for steps, erratic -8 hr one day, 4 the next.
  • Stay social - That's a given, what with walking about, visits to local cafes and bars, and all my grandkids being in Ottawa. Beers with friends at my local,and visited my son and his kids.He needed a soldering lesson from his dad.
    • Again, limits for some of this. No more than three pub visits a week. 
  • Have fun - Gaming, Netflix - both indoors. Outdoors? I had this objective last year for casual fun, like Netflix and video games. But now gaming, and Twitch streaming, has grown to several hours a day, at various times, for various durations. Sometimes I have viewers to chat with, sometimes not.
    • Set up a regular schedule (try again!)
    • Use Map My Walk to track my exercise, and show in Google Earth for me.  
  • Chores - I added this to capture bigger jobs.


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