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Before Tinder

This week's challenge was to write about a random character. I got "A seasoned trobiaritz is trying to get a date".  After some browsing  via Wikipedia I discovered a trobiaritz was a female troubadour, in the 12th  and 13th century, in Occitan. Which is, and was both a region and a language in southern France, as well as part of Spain and Italy.  I decided at that time'seasoned' would be any unmarried woman over 25,  and dating, being pre-Tinder, pre any social media, might be a challenge. Mine took a while to get going on, but is okay. It's 995 words, just under the limit of 1000.

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ROW80-2 -05/26 -Mega Gardening

My girlfriend arrived last Tuesday night, with a bag of perennials from her yard. These are to add to the ones she has planted over the past few years in my yard. And we bought another half dozen at the garden centre, plus a Clematis vine and a Lilac bush. Dirt and sheep manure too. Most is in now, so it looks great out there. I have been doing some writerly things too, in my spare time.  And winter looks to be done, spring is definitely here, and sometimes there is a hint of summer. As in shorts days.

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Two on the Two-four

Last weekend was our Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, held the weekend on or before May 24th, Queen Victoria's birthday. It's often the time for spring's first camping trip,or opening of the family cottage. With at least one case of 24 beers. 

The challenge was to write about that weekend, when family and/or friends gather, when hugs and punches are exchanged.  Mine is 993 words.

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ROW80-2 -05/19 -Two-four Time

It's a long weekend here in Canada, for the May 24th holiday, Victoria Day. The weekend is the one on or before the 24th, so it's a little early this year.  Some of us call it the 2-4 weekend, both for the date and the practice of buying a case of 24 beer for the cottage get-together. Out west, where they didn't have cases of 24, it is just called May-Long. Like a place in Cambodia. Complete with the distant sound of fireworks tonight. Like a warzone.  

Still off and on vertigo this week, but I had another good physio session, and have also made an eye appointment to address some fuzzy/double vision issues. And it's getting warmer out, so more strolling the hood and lounging at a sidewalk cafe with coffee and a book. And making an appointment to get snow-tires off. In the meantime, I have tried to keep at writerly tasks.

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