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ROW80-2 - 06/09 -New Goals?

Stories in Waiting

My first two books, Kirk's Landing and Return to Kirk's Landing, were written during NaNoWriMo. Written as a first draft, with a lot of editing done in the following months. I had a publisher set up for both, so that acted as an incentive to get them done. 

Since then, I've 'won' four more NaNoWriMo's, writing first drafts of novels. But, no publisher, so less incentive to get them done. Plus, I have an idea for this year's novel, yet another draft. 

Here are outlines of the novels. Comments are welcome. Which one would you buy?

  1. Agnes of Grimm - Fantasy -Out of work Fairy Tale Characters are looking for a new aim in life, but come up against drug runners and voodoo. They were brought to life by the power of the stories, but are fading unless they find a source of energy in the new country.

  2. Ghost in the Machine -Sc/fi - When a man's wife dies, his immediate goal is to adjust to his loss. However, her consciousness is preserved in an online AI - an advanced version of a cellphone AI she helped develop - so she's neither dead nor alive. She discovers more like her in there too, and finds a new role in life, helping others - including a woman from a shelter. However, a large corporation wants to steal this new technology and will go to any lengths - including wiping out all these new beings.

  3. The Portal - Historical fiction with magic- Mary has a husband, nice country home, new baby - but it's not enough. She misses the edgy life she once had. She's looking for some adventure, and finds it through a mysterious door. It takes her to a world that's similar to Medieval Earth, but with magic, and her doppelganger.

  4. The Managed - Dystopian future -A retired revolutionary is drawn into a plot to manage and control everyone via implanted ID chips. ID implants that originally just held health data but now record ongoing health data and track your position. The next version will control your emotions, and maybe even your heart. Unhappiness ensues.

  5. The Game -Coming of age story - Hunger Games meets the Last Starfighter. Tyson enters The Game, supposedly a way for everyone to be tested for their career in life, to discover a hidden purpose for it, and a life or death challenge. Will he be able to tame his new ability of dreaming the future and succeed in his quest?

  6. Autumn Endings (not started yet) - World-building -Colonists, fleeing an Earth that is so polluted they must rely on artificial wombs, land on the wrong planet. It seems like a quite hospitable spring until they discover the year is over 80 Earth years long, and the winters are too dark and cold to survive. They choose to end the race every November, and let the artificial life labs restart humanity every spring. Then a child is born naturally, one long summer. Rather than join everyone in the ritual euthanasia, she decides to escape to the warmer south, hoping to lead a return to a normal overlap of births and deaths.

I should mention that I have also written maybe 150 Flash Fiction stories of 1000 words, many of which could be expanded into short stories of 2500 words or so. And a few of which that could join together into a novel - that's how the above Autumn Endings started. Stories are here.


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