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ROW80-3 28/07/2019 Not Too Hot, Really

I'm in Toronto at my girlfriend's place for a week. It has occasionally got up to '26 feels like 32' in the day, but she has a small AC, and we open windows overnight to catch the cool breeze up from the lake. So, not really that bad when I look at some of the weather reports from Europe. Where I understand air conditioners are not that common. Sounds really brutal. So I've been spending my mornings out on her front porch, with a coffee and laptop. And sometimes the landlady's dog for company - she's pretty quiet.

I did get some writing done, for my latest FF. Plus some editing. And some people-watching at the local coffee cafe.

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ROW80-3 21/07/2019 -Finding Motivation

It's been a while, a couple of weeks I think. Not really motivated to post when I haven't done nearly as much as I hoped. That's supposed to be our motivation to meet our goals and objectives, knowing we'e committed to do stuff and update our status.  Lot's of things I'd like to do - publish a novel, lose weight, clean the house, but they often seem insurmountable. And the motivation is often vague.  Having a publisher with a deadline, or a doctor with a scary cardiogram - that would work. But I'm not there. I have made some progress though, writerly or otherwise, so I'll look at that.

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Who Will Be Next?

Last weekend I entered a Flash Fiction contest, to write 1000 words in 48 hours. I used that for the FFF challenge too. We were given a genre, location, and object. My group of 15  (?) was given: Mystery, a surveillance vehicle, and a helmet. There are about 125 groups and you are judged in your group based on this and a September challenge. Playoffs in November, Finals in December. Prizes galore, and feedback from judges and your peers. Mine was 997 words. I submitted it around 5 on Sunday With a typo. Oops. 

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