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ROW80-3 07/07/2019 Peace and Quiet

Well, it's been a busy/loud week. My grandson was over in the days -not loud, but 11 yr olds o like to talk.Especially to their favourite grampa. But there were contractors off and on working on the roof. Saturday morning they started at 6:30! Last day, and they were sealing the roof with propane torches, so wanted to get it done before the sun got too hot. They were done by noon. Quiet the rest of the day and today. Well, my daughter did drop over with her two kids to pick up camping gear but that was fun.

All the same peace and quiet is nice at times. As is being alone - not lonely - just alone. Just me and the voices in my head. 

Here's my status update:

Objectives (writerly and other):

  • Write - Because I enjoy it.
    • Write new material - one draft Flash Fiction a week. 
      • Done last Friday. My story is Just Some Paper. Prompt was finding some paper in an old dresser. 
      • Did a second one Saturday - 50 words, for Furious Fiction. 500 words, in 55 hours, with a $500 prize. I'll post it later on.
    • Edit existing material - to send in for publication. 2h/d. I've selected one of my stories, The Ghost in the Machine. 1-2 hours/day. Not as much as I'd hoped - what with babysitting and all. 
    • Try new writing program? I'm thinking of yWriter. 
  • Write better - Read about how to write, and get constructive feedback.
    • My main source of writing info is a series of writerly blogs. Objective  -stay current.  Yup. This status is a good nudge to binge read the blogs, and copy with Evernote as needed.
    • Write regularly - set a FF challenge a week.  Yup, did that last Friday. The challenge is based on a piece of paper found in an old bureau. 
    • Other - I finished MasterClass on Storytelling, by Neil Gaiman. Objective is to finish the workbooks. Nothing.
  • Publish/market  - We publish partially for the glory and bags of money, but also for the feedback and increased marketability. 
    • Amazon Marketing Services Campaigns on KDP -Some sales. Tweak once a week, trying stuff.  Seems to be spending a lot without sales. Cancel for now. 
    • New technique - give away print copies of Flash Fiction Stories. Still doing this, mostly at my local. Good feedback.
    • Send in one story a week to a publication. Nope. 
  • Read with purpose
    • Objective - read and review a book a week. Two good ones out on my table now. Started White Teeth, by Zadie Smith.
  • Health
    • Fitbit target Objective - 7 day average 3500.  At 2900 - a little better.
    • Set sleep target to 7 (was 7.5) hours, starting at midnight. 7 hours, 4/7 days. Bedtime 6/7 days. as babysitting/contractors mean I HAVE to get up by 7. 
  • Stay social - That's a given, what with walking about, visits to local cafes and bars, and all my grandkids being in Ottawa. Regular social things and this week, babysitting and visiting grandkids.
  • Have fun - Gaming, Netflix - both indoors. Outdoors?
    • Netflix/Amazon - <2h/d? Grey's Anatomy, and Black's Books. 
    • Gaming - 8:30-10:30 schedule.   More like 8-10, but schedule is good.. 
    • Vacation - Do at least mini-trips. Thinking.
  • Chores - I added this to capture bigger jobs, like gardening. Yes, more gardening with grandson! And cleanup, as in gave a bunch of camping gear to my daughter.


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Shannon Yseult

Looks like lots of good progress and fun life changes this week. Great job!

Rui Chan

Looks like you still managed to work on your goals while having fun with the family. Good job!

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