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Almost Dead

Our latest prompt was to write about Zombies, but with a twist. I'm a little later than usual, but I was at a lovely cottage, with some wonderful people, and a lot of distractions. And only a tablet to work on - I prefer a laptop and a real keyboard. We went out for some drinks when we got back, then I threw this together. I had fun with this story about Steph and Stan. 914 words, or thereabouts.

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ROW80-3 28/2/19 Where did summer go?

Tree I was sitting at my local the other day, 'working', and noticed this tree just across the street.  Some of  the leaves at the top are just starting to turn. Yikes!! I know the days actually started getting shorter back in June, but this was a reminder that time is passing, and soon another year will be done.  Those projects we started in January, to be done this year,  only have a few months left - three before the Christmas madness arrives. Just thought I'd remind everyone ;-) 

My girlfriend is up for a visit, and we're heading to a friend's cottage today for a couple of days of relaxation. It will be a busy place, with her daughter's  friends there too, so I will be hard pressed to find writing time. I'll bring my latest manuscript. I'll also bring some copies of my books, and some business cards, and try to make some new fans. Or just soak in more material for my writing.

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A Walk in the Mist

This weeks FFF prompt was based on an eerie photo of a lake in the mist. The challenge was to write a romantic story, not a scary one. No knives, blood, or zombies. I think I succeeded, at just under 900 words.

I also reformat each story, adding info on the prompt and my blog, and print it to hand out to friends. Here's the last one, for download. 

Download A Walk in the Mist print.odt (20.2K)


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ROW80-3 18/08/19 I have a plan- again

I have an editing plan for this pass. I won't chuck the whole thing, yet. 

I've sometimes used a scene/sequel type of division in my novels. A scene starts with a Goal, introduces Conflict against that goal, and finishes with an Outcome when the conflict is partially resolved. Partially, because we'r not done the story. A sequel starts with a Reaction, usually to a previous scene, a Dilemma that needs to be resolved, and a final Decision. Which may eventually kick off another Goal. These types may pair up evenly or not. 

My plan is to plow through this novel yet another time, seeing if each 'scene' is a scene or a sequel, or at least has some conflict. I suspect some will be none of the above. I won't rewrite until I'm done. 

Other than that, FF story is done, another one set, and some reading done, including a novel from the 1920's by some journalist.

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