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ROW80-4 Goals and Objectives

My goal in life remains the same - experience it, enjoy it and try to leave the world/campsite a little nicer than when you found it. More specifically for here, to become a better writer, and to grow my community of fellow writers and followers, and to stay healthy enough to. 

I'll be tweaking my SMART objectives this time though. I want to get into podcasting, and maybe do another NaNoWriMo this year. To make room for that, I'm more than happy to pause my editing.

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ROW80-3 22/09/2019 -And now, for something completely different.

Yes, it's the last post of the Round, and several days late. 

But I tried something different yesterday - reading one of my stories and posting it online. Video shown below, but no editing, so please excuse the occasional stumbles. Comments are welcome too. Feedback so far on Facebook is mostly positive. Some suggestions were slower, breaks between speakers, and more emotion. I read a recent Flash Fiction of mine,  A Touch of Magic, prefaced with a few minutes outlining my ideas/concerns. I'll repost them below.

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