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ROW80-3 08/09/2019 Distracted by Brexit

I'm still working on yesterday's Sunday check-in, watching UK Parliament live. I must say it's almost like watching a train wreck, where you're are not at a safe distance, but close enough to the tracks you might be injured. Brexit/or not will have serious implications. The US economy is also being steered toward a recession. My own province also has a populist narrow-minded leader following the same bread and circuses agenda. And Canada is heading into an election in 50 some days, with a dangerous groundswell of right-wing support - or should I say anti-current-government. People are enjoying being entertained by the clowns, but the buffoons have replaced the circus ringmasters.

Has this affected your writing? Do you head toward more dystopian stories, or are you trying to keep things more upbeat?

BTW - John Bercow, the UK Commons speaker, announced his retirement.

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ROW80-3 01/09/2019 A break at the cottage

My girlfriend came up last Tuesday for a week, and Wednesday we went up for a few days to a friend's cottage. Definitely a restful time. Four adults, two late teens, all interesting to talk to. A university prof and a writer were our hosts. I had writing and editing to do, but it was usually too distracting to work.  And I'd brought a tablet instead of my laptop - to hard to type. So - Friday's noon-ish story was done Friday evening. I did have a good talk with the other writer about trying to make some sense of the scenes in the story I was trying to edit. It's an early one, and some of the are, I'm afraid, shite.

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