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This week′s FFF prompt was from a contest for NYC Midnight. It was a micro-fiction – 250 words in 24 hours. Each team in this first heat was given a genre, an action, and a word to include. Mine got fairy tale, falling down the stairs, and silence. I did a twist on the usual, of course.


Cindy wanted to live the dream, not the nightmare. Why did she have so much work? Her stepsisters had managed fine with the chores before she came; they should be treating her like a little princess, not a servant girl. They were both ugly anyway, as was their mother. And now, everyone was going to a royal ball, to meet the Prince. Except Cindy.

She kicked at the scrub bucket. ″Life sucks! I need a Fairy Godmother.″

There was a puff of smoke. ″That would be me, my dear.″

″Good timing, old lady. I desire to go to the ball and meet the Prince, dressed up so beautifully that he is completely entranced.″

Her Fairy Godmother raised an eyebrow. ″All that? Well, just until midnight.″

When the Prince led her into the ballroom, there was silence for a moment, as all marvelled at her beauty. At his signal, the music resumed, and he swept Cindy into a waltz, then another, then another, and another, gazing at her with adoration, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. His constant praise and attention were nice at first, but she began to feel a little smothered.

When the clock struck midnight, she was almost happy to tear herself away and run for her carriage. Her Prince was following her, begging her to return, until he slipped on the stairs and tumbled down, end over end, landing lifeless at her feet.

She gazed down at him. ″Well, I heard you have a brother.″



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Joyce Juzwik

Just a bit of a twist at the end! This made me laugh out loud. Perfect use of your prompts, and so much story in so few words. You really are a master at the micro-fiction thing. I think Cindy's going to be okay. Tough chick. One can only wonder where she goes from here...

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