Link to - A Zen Romance
ROW80-4 - 01/12/2019 - Not goodbye, but au revoir.

ROW80-4 30/10/2019 Winter is Coming

We had a nice day yesterday - maybe the last until spring. It was 20C in the sun. We trimmed the perennials and raked up the leaves in the garden - ready for snow now. Not that there is any in the forecast for here, but it will come within a week or so. Along with freezing rain. We have a new LRT system that manages to break down almost every day, in good weather. Commuters will not be happy. Me? I work from home and can walk pretty well anywhere I need to be.

Oh,and we had an election.

Objectives, with Status in italics:

  • Write/create - Because I do enjoy it. 
    • Write new material - Objective - one draft Flash Fiction a week. I did one Oct 18, A Zen Romance. Cowboy in a bookstore. Then another one for Oct 25, The Smoker, prompted by a beautiful Fall photo. Just my regular weekly 1000 word FF's. 
    • Set a prompt - done. Halloween, and pensioners.    
    • Podcast
      • Research tools, podcasts - Still learning how tools work and tweaking. 
      • Set-up site - done. As well as more tidying up of all my sites.
      • Script for trailer and regular episodes- draft written, got feedback.
      • Record  draft trailer and an episode and get feedback on voice, etc.
      • Record final trailer
      • Register site with Apple, Spotify, etc
      • Edit 2 stories, record, ready to upload
      • Launch when registration complete
      • Do 2/week (?)
  • Write better - Read about how to write, and get constructive feedback.
    • Writerly blogs. Objective  -stay current. Doing so.
    • Various local and online groups. Objective - check regularly, and post my FF stories and prompts there. Done. Added my two NYC Midnight contest stories to their forums and started getting feedback. 
  • Publish/market  - We publish partially for the glory and bags of money, but also for the feedback and increased marketability. 
    • I do have over 100 FF written already, here. As I tweak them for podcasting, I'll see which ones I might send off to magazines, etc.. No commitments here. 
    • My two novels are available online in print and ebook, on many sites, as well as in libraries across Canada. I use them as give-aways to subscribers to my gaming stream, and carry print copies with me just in case. Objective - ensure podcasts link to them.
  • Read with purpose - Objective - read and review a book a week. Just finished The Warehouse.  A scary story about a marketing giant that takes tries to take over the whole retail market. 
  • Better health - My BP and cholesterol are good, but more exercise would be okay. And less weight. Objective - track all these.
    • Fitbit step tracker and sleep - Their sleep info has changed, is worse. Gave it up. 
    • Stay social - That's a given, what with online gaming, walking about, visits to local cafes and bars, and all my grandkids being in town. Objective - track it. Local 5/7 nights. Networking online and face-face with Fountain Pen enthusiasts. And girlfriend here for a week. 
  • Have fun
    • I had this objective last year for casual fun, like Netflix and video games. Online - still lots of gaming.
    • New fountain pen hobby. Got another pen, a TWSBI medium. And a random selection of five 2ml samples of inks.
  • Chores - Capture bigger jobs. Cleaned up garden for winter. .


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