ROW80-4 - 01/12/2019 - Not goodbye, but au revoir.
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Today's thoughts

I'm getting tired of The Facebook. Yes, it is a good way to stay connected with people and discover interesting things.  And share them. However, the vast majority of people don't give you back more than a like or a handful of emojis. And of course, none of your data is safe, all your info, as well as anything you post, is sifted through and sold. Or lost in yet another data breach. Not that a personal blog is private of course. Today I won't bother posting there, I'll just keep my own list here of "stuff", including a bit of a catch up on me. 

(Edit - I may do more of these, so subscribe if you want. And feel free to comment or email me.)

  • The Out and Abouter continues their tradition of satire, skewering our pre-occupation with Coronavirus as the only danger we need to be currently worrying about -
  • Politics - especially the US Impeachment process - is there any point in talking about this? I'm not from there, and so many people seem so stuck in their positions, especially Republican extremists.  Yes, if the left-wing can have extremists, then so can the left. There's no longer any middle, where people share common goals that will benefit the country and people as a whole. Even if they do, they are so afraid to give up any power/money, that they fight for their own extreme version on how to reach those common goals - so nothing gets done. 
  • Alcohol - I decided a few weeks ago (Jan 4) to quit alcohol, just to try abstinence for more than a day here and there. I like the taste of beer, but I think alcohol, especially in the evening, interferes with my sleep. Plus it's hard on the liver, kidney's, etc. Plus there's always the worry of having too many drinks before stumbling home. Plus the whole drinking and driving thing. Plus it is expensive. I do enjoy the socializing in my local(s) but most only have one choice for 0% beer - Heineken. Molson has Canadian distribution rights, so if you're a "Molson bar" then the rep gets to say what's allowed. So, no Bud Prohibition, no Beck's, just Heineken.  Which I don't really enjoy. However, after my own mini-protest and some conversation, my local brought in both the Beck's and the Bud, and will look into others too. They recognized a specific customer's needs, and I think are also aware of a growing trend. Some people are quitting for health reasons, but some also now are using recreational marijuana and don't want to mix their drugs. 
  • Writing - none, for now,  but I do have a whack of 1000 word stories to do podcasts on. Soon. 
  • Gaming - I started playing/streaming TheHunter: Call of the Wild before Christmas. A very realistic game, and seems to gather a lot of viewers/chatters/followers. Hard to not spend hours walking/crouching/running through the woods.   
  • Sleeping/health - The above abstinence. A new, better smartwatch, my Amazfit Bip. Plus some apps, including Sleep As Android
  • After chores, dinner, and gaming, let's finish with that gem - Jared Kushner



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