And the world didn't end after all
What era does MAGA refer to? More 'socialist' times?

If we ignore all this political crap will it just go away?

Unfortunately, no. 

I have friends that never get involved in politics, not even to follow events in the news or discuss them with friends. Never mind support a party or run for office. Their choice, but they live in a world controlled by politicians, so are giving up any control they might have on a lot of things. Many of them still complain though.

Other friends had been trying to keep up to date with the political circus, especially in the US, and have now thrown up their hands in despair. Hopefully, they will be back.

For myself, I think our purpose, if we must have one, is to enjoy life, to learn and improve ourselves, and to leave our bit of the world a slightly better place when we die.  So I follow politics for the enjoyment of watching the antics, and to learn about it. Stephen Harper taught us all about prorogation, Trump about impeachment, Iowa about caucuses, and Boris Johnson - well, I'm not sure. Right now, it's the US that has my focus.

I don't discuss politics that much, especially with people not sharing my views. I know that's wrong, but I sit left of centre, and have found most of the right of centre people I talk to have ideas based more on emotions than facts. They are running more on a belief system, which one can't refute, any more than you can convince a Mormon the real god is not theirs, but Vishnu. And I can't be bothered anymore to try, other than learning where they stand and moving on. As long as you aren't harming anyone, I'm fine with people believing in whatever they want, be it gods or the evil of all corporations or the existence of UFO's. 

Except, in the US, where Trump and his supporters are harming people, and democracy.  Not that I can do much directly here from Canada, but I can at least stay informed and spread the word.  Which raises the issue - how to stay informed? Where can you get reliable information from?

Trump himself sends out a stream of information via his Twitter feed, but I consider it a source of continuous #FakeNews. I have subscriptions to the Guardian Weekly and the Washington Post, and follow Google News for links to various site/stories. But it takes time to filter through it all and decide which information is reliable. This chart examines the bias of various news sources, but you have to trust the methodology they followed, described here. Or at least read what it was. I deliberately ignore sites on either edge of the spectrum. I just can't be arsed.  



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Yes - he is a disruptor.
But not with positive results.
Yes, if you believe all his claims in his SOTU speech, the US is a better place, thanks to him.

I instead believe the many different fact-checkers that went through the speech line by line, referencing previous statements by Trump or his supporters, as well as facts and figures from solid sources, including US Government offices, and exposed his lies.
I did not see a similar detailed assessment done by his media supporters, such as Fox News. They made no such assessment to support their benefactor, other than to brand other sources as being #FakeNews.
But they don't really need to. Trump has set up the simplistic paradigm where he is the source of news, and everyone else is wrong. And he so far has been successful at it.

The Democrats, with their reliance on their own old white guy, think that facts and a clean campaign (and their own billions of course) will win out in the end. I don't agree.

Sam Steele

I agree that establishment Republicans are no better. They hope and pray that Trump is an aberration.

I also forgot to mention Tulsi Gabbard as a new-paradigm Democrat who is anti-war. They have been slandering and excluding her for the past six months.

Democracy is on the upswing, if you mean people voting en masse against the establishment's wishes. Trump is one example, Brexit is another, the election of Boris Johnson to push through Brexit is another, Doug Ford in Ontario is another. I think the Quebec 2018 election might be another (don't know enough about it).

The wealth of the 1% is created and magnified by governments, Liberal and Conservative, Republican and Democrat. When they (but not us) can borrow billions of dollars risk free at 2% interest, and leverage it to invest in a stock market that is a manipulated to only go up, they take more and more of the pie each year. They get to do this under Obama and Trump, under Harper and Trudeau. They are (so far) immune to democracy, because they are entrenched deeper than politics. Trump is one of them, so no hope there. Maybe Bernie?

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