What era does MAGA refer to? More 'socialist' times?
Wanted - a muse/mentor.

On Easter Sunday, my "Come to Jesus" moment.

To paraphrase a saying, you can't fix stubborn. Especially now, with respect to COVID-19. So much misinformation, such simple rules, so many people misquoting and/or misbehaving. 

I'm in good health, but over 70. That places me in a higher risk group so I've chosen to self-isolate as much as I can. In the last 4 weeks I've managed to limit my shopping to 4 times - twice for groceries, twice for the drug store. It helps that I was always an introvert, and comfortable with myself, so for me being alone does not mean being lonely. A credit card and willingness to use Amazon also helps.

But we are being asked to self-isolate, not just for ourselves, but to flatten the curve, to reduce the size of the coming 'peak' and the load on the health care system.  It's not just about us.  Yet I have friends, Facebook or otherwise, that stubbornly still visit with others, gather in a park, or go out every few days to various shops. Most of them do 'get it', they see why physical distancing is needed, but their need for social contact overrides this. Yes, most places have protocols in place to reduce risk, but the risk is still there. 

I've a science background, and see myself as a logical person and a critical thinker and someone with empathy for the rest of the human race. I 'get it'. I've been trying to nudge/nag people, to get them to change, but they don't. And I've decided it's not worth the stress for me to try to change their behaviour. I give up. 

Ditto for The Facebook - so many conspiracy theories, so much misinformation, so many arguments. Not worth it. 

As the Serenity Prayer advises us:

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference."




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I've enjoyed reading many of your short fiction stories, and wonder if you could use this virus situation as a prompt? What if the virus keeps mutating, there is no effective vaccine, and society has to adapt? It would be great to read your patented unexpected take.

Keep safe.





Jim - glad you enjoyed the stories. And I agree, there are lots of possibilities in the current situation, although some friends have said they prefer NOT to read dystopian stories right now. But my focus could be dark or it could be uplifting, right? I like to pick some fairly normal characters, with needs and a plan, and then throw in a wrench - thwart a need, have them reassess things, maybe do a new plan, have it maybe work, maybe not, as character arcs are explored. Pretty standard, and how are own lives go. I like to make my characters relatable, and I always have to put in a twist.
I'm thinking on this.


Malcolm - the problem is people can form opinions based on no facts at all, so all you can do is hear their opinion, and try to see where it comes from. I would only change mine if they showed my new facts but many are holding opinions built on inaccuracies - such as this virus was deliberately created as a weapon, or it's not really that contagious, or we didn't really land on the moon. So, yes, pointless to even try to 'debate', there are not two sides, other than science and not-science.


Concerned said "It is easy to make the case that the governments' response to the virus has caused greater harm than the virus itself, so I'm suprised you haven't considered it."

Yes, easy to make the case. Harder to back it up right now, consider this again in a couple of years using hindsight and data.

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