On Easter Sunday, my "Come to Jesus" moment.

Wanted - a muse/mentor.

At least I think so.
I'd like to get back into writing, but I think I need someone for a couple of things:
- to nudge me when I'm stuck, or maybe just on the wrong path. I usually have ideas to start a story, but sometimes I am not sure on the branch to take next. Or maybe I even need to back up a bit. Or trash it all!
- to critique my work with more caring than a stranger might
have, but more honesty than someone close.

They should have similar tastes and experience. I've published two small town cop novels, with a bit of fantasy added to them, and have drafted several other novels, as well as 120 (?) Flash Fiction stories. Most are in sci/fi fantasy, all with a twist and a bit of darkness.
I don't want a critique group, I'm looking for one on one. And I'd be willing to be the same person back to them, to help us both learn from this, if that's the deal. Finally, not a 7/24 on-call relationship, and not a LOT of support, but I don't just want weekly contacts either.

Not sure how to go about this - Kijiji? I posted on my FB page, but will probably just get 'likes',  until it fades into the news stream. 


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