Dealing with sadness
Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t.


Almost 30 years ago, I bought a house and started accumulating 'stuff'. As we all do - just ask Thoreau. In 2010, after my kids moved out and the cat died, my financial advisor said I could stay in Sn'Orleans in a three-bedroom house if I wanted to, but I'd have to take in a boarder. Nope. So I sold my house, sorted through stuff, threw out and sold a lot of things, and found a two bedroom apartment downtown. Three years later, I moved everything to another two-bedroom apartment, including boxes I'd never opened. Now, another move, to a one-bedroom. I briefly considered putting some things in storage, to be sorted 'later', but I'm a little older, a little wiser, so I did a selective purge. Much of this was things I knew were there - still taped in boxes for much of it. But there were few surprises too - some good, some bad. Some were repacked to be dealt with later - I hope. Some were discarded as not wanted on the voyage.

I'm lighter now, with less bothersome 'stuff'. 

I can't help think of this as a metaphor for mental baggage, as in things we should get rid of. Bad memories, ingrained attitudes from years ago, many of them packed up, taped securely, and pushed into the back corners of our mind. They may stay there for years, but they still drag at us every time we try to move on.  Or, they may burst open when last expected, spilling out their contents. nice or nasty. We can blindly stuff all those contents back in, wrapped even more securely. We can examine them and deal with them. Some we will greet as a forgotten friend, some will be an issue to sort out, many will prompt us to say "why on earth do I still have this?"  

Try it, lighten your load.


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