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A significant event

A new beginning?

Happy Inauguration Day to my American friends.

As CNN shows Donald flying off on Airforce 1, to the tune of "My Way", I wonder - many wonder - what now? Is this the end of MAGA and bumper-sticker policies? Is it time to think beyond the limits of catchy slogans and 140 character Tweets? "Great" was taken by many sides of the spectrum to mean like the olden days when "people" were better off. In reality, there never was a time that applied to everyone. Even aiming now for a MANA, Make America Normal Again, would be difficult. I think the inequalities, the divisiveness, the polarization. the selfishness, have all been increasing in our societies, especially the US, for decades. Probably as a side effect of , or maybe a condition for, an addiction to huge economic growth. Trump just took advantage of it all and pushed things to the extreme, to the breaking point.

They say addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can talk of recovery. Maybe the January 6th insurrection was America's rock bottom, and now Biden needs to lead them through an addiction recovery program. That's if the addicts want to change, of course. The challenge will be for those in power to really change their behaviour and the system because they want to do so for the good of the country, and not just to go through the motions to stay in power. I suspect the latter, unfortunately, so the next four years, even two years, will not be easy. The only hope is that it is at least not as bad as The Trump Years. Donny left behind an extreme right-wing legacy of Americans that can still offer an unwavering support of votes, of money, of adulation, but at a price. 



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Patty Archer

If Twitter and Facebook and the other platforms let him post again, i think there will be increased civil unrest (what a lovely term) in the USA. Even if the impeachment is successful, which is not a sure thing.
I’m so happy to be sleeping better now that he’s in Florida: even with COVID concerns. But I’m not sure how long he can keep being penned up— like the Minotaur.

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