Santa and Jesus
A new beginning?

Reflections, Resolutions, and Revolutions

I'll start this off with a repost of a New Year's message I did -
Follow your dreams, challenge yourself a bit, and enjoy the journey. Go easy on others, and yourself, and aim to leave the world a better place for having you in it.
It's still apt this year, as we reflect on the past, and ponder the future.
If you are having trouble reflecting on positive things in 2020 - well, you are still alive. And relatively sane, in spite of all the confusion and lack of control. And you learned how to 'hunker down'. Myself, I have a number of positive steps: I got both cataracts replaced, and added in the option of corrective lenses at the same time; I moved from a two-bedroom apartment in a house to a one-bedroom in a high-rise, a better situation now I think; I expanded my gaming audience - more games, more viewers.; I ended a relationship; I started using the Traveler's Notebook system; I maintained good links with my family; I bought more pens and ink ;-) 
On to resolutions, or as I prefer - intentions. Less pressure in that word. For all of us, I'm sure we have a resolve to stay healthy and survive. I'd also add the following: get out more, even just walking; meet some new people, perhaps even face to face; do some podcasts of my stories; grow my online audience more; go somewhere on a real vacation.
And finally - revolutions. Democracy is a mess in the US, in Canada, and in many other places. Politicians are in it for the power, and have little in the way of morals - at least not good ones. They feel entitled and do whatever they can get away with - if caught, they just shrug and apologize. Science and facts are under fire, power and money continues to flow to the top, in 'trickle-up' economics. We can watch those in power, praise and support the good ones,  criticize and expose the bad ones, but it's all part of a culture without any middle ground, just right and left-wing extremes. I fear that uur tiny bits of incremental change get swallowed up. We need a revolution, a source of drastic change. Hopefully without the guns. 
No idea how that can happen. 


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