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A significant event

ImageThis time last week I was flat on my back in a hospital bed, wired and tubed, not a well person at all. 

But first some background. What with COVID restrictions and a new smaller apartment in a highrise, I'd been getting less exercise and drinking less fluids. Two weeks ago I'd felt maybe the beginning of a UTI - never had one so not sure. If anything, the pain meant I tended to drink less fluid. Yes, a bad idea, in hindsight. On a Tuesday night, I had uncontrollable shivering after supper so figured I was just chilled and huddled under lots of blankets until it went away. This likely was a seizure from low electrolytes. The next day was so-so, but I assumed that had been a one-time thing. That night, more shakes after supper, so back under the covers.

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