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I see that Ford has walked back two of the latest restrictions - the closure of children's playgrounds, and random police checks. This was after his medical experts went online to state that the data - which he had seen - showed that playgrounds were a very minor source of cases. And also was after several police jurisdictions stated there was no way they would get involved in making 'random' stops of people. Ford seems to forget the issues of carding and the resultant racial profiling.  
Every time we enter a new phase of these controls he ignores sound medical advice and tweaks the concept of 'shutdown' to suit his political needs and those of his backers, with vague references to the economy. His version of Then when that latest plan fails, he blames the people - us. If I hear 'folks, you have to try harder' one more time I'll scream. Yes, people are a problem, as too many are selfish, or greedy, or maybe even still unaware of the risks - that's why he's there. To provide firm and clear and consistent restrictions that will bring this pandemic under control. And implement the consequences. We read of gatherings broken up, with people too close and unmasked, putting lives in danger from COVID and all they get is yet more warnings. Yet in 2010, when people gathered to protest the G20 summit, we saw police 'kettle' them for hours, in the rain, and then arrest many innocent bystanders.
Ford has fumbled this, and blames others. He claims the increasing numbers caught them all by surprise, yet we saw previous medical presentations that showed this would happen. He asserts, with little facts, that if only we'd had more vaccines back in February we wouldn't be in these dire straits. He even ruined his own vaccination photo-op by pretending to slump over unconscious after getting jabbed, to the delight I would imagine of the anti-vaxxers.
What a maroon. Throw the bum out.
OK - rant over. Thank you for listening 😉 I'll go back to my online farming, then maybe visit my son and his family. Maybe we'll drop by the playground.


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