Moral choices

75 trips around the Sun

And I only had to stop to ask directions twice. Sun-face

I turned 75 years old this week, and it's been a smooth trip, for the most part. I did pause twice for therapy to check my direction, and did hit a speed-bump this year (hospital visit) but looking back I'm pretty satisfied. Could I have done some things different? Of course. Would that have been better? I don't know, I would have ended up a different person, on a different path, but the end result is the same. Around and around the sun until you stop.

I'd like to be a little fitter and a little lighter, though, so I need to change some of my habits, for the better. While I can't really blame COVID for it, I can use both getting my shots, and our collective move out of restrictions, as a trigger. I've updated my Fitbit to a Charge 4 (more data) and signed up for Fitbit Premium (more plans and guides), so maybe that will encourage me to change. Movement is key I think, and I do live in an interesting area with older houses, parks, and a river. Many short walks will keep me close to home base, in case of a sudden need for a bathroom break (from hydrating more) or a sudden pain in my wonky ankle. And once I'm ready to venture farther out - cafes (bathrooms) are open and there's always Uber. My diet could change, but I'm never good at calorie counting - too tedious. I think that managing late night snacks will be key for me, as in less snacks, and easy/better snacks. Better sleep would also help. There's yet another Fitbit guide for this, but it's mostly more consistent times and less disruptive factors in the day. And more movement, of course.   



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