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Mellowing out

Ats_20211028_212927_00 (Medium) I had to jump through a few more hoops today to get my 'new' PC running properly, but I managed. And I was then able to mellow out with some laid back gaming - online too -  with my peeps. I did some chores on my farm, including feeding the pigs, then switched to trucking. The photo is a screenshot of Red Cliff Bridge, over the Eagle River. That's my online niche I think, streaming laid back simulation games, with quiet commentary and some calming background music. It relaxes me, and I've built a following of fans.

I got my will redone too, finally. Last update was over 30 years ago, so it was time ;-) DioGuardi Law did a great job, at a good price. 

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Sorry, the computer made me do it.

PXL_20211027_152326638 I meant to do a post Wednesday night, but sometimes shit happens. I was pleased to get my computer back after only a few days in the shop. After connecting up my rat's nest of cables, I was online again, streaming from my virtual farm, chatting with friends, feeding my pigs. But I started getting a subtle but persistent reminder onscreen that Windows needed to be activated. The store techie had left, so I tried MS support. An hour after a contact request, I got an automated call back that started with a 10 minute hold. I finally got a support woman, who I'm sure meant well. However, she was very much a talker, not a listener, and hard to understand. Or interrupt. But it appears this can be a new motherboard issue - a store problem I think.  So I'll head back to S'Norleans. 

I'm still watching Forbrydelsen, a classic in the Nordic Noir genre. Very well done, but a dark topic and all outside shots seem to be in the night, often with some drizzle thrown in. A dark end to the day, so I'll try instead to finish off with some Parks and Recreation episodes.  Especially if I'm in a bad mood. BTW - I'll change the posted date for this.

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SAD Times

PXL_20211026_162506032 It's time for Seasonal Affective Disorder to kick in. Grey days, shorter days, our summer is over. Le sigh.

I have a light box from Amazon, which I use when I get up. I think it helps. I brew a coffee, grab a bowl of oatmeal, click on the light and check my emails. I try to force myself to get out and walk too, although my rowing machine, just next to the balcony door, is a reasonable substitute. And there's fresh air too, as the door leaks a bit with an East wind.

I went for more physio today for my hip and ankle - both are getting much better, thankyou. And I got another haircut to tame my curly locks a bit - thx Tina. It's been a couple of months so it was getting a bit woofely. While there, I got a call - my PC has been upgraded and is ready for pickup first thing tomorrow. Yay! Back on the farm!

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At a Bit of a Loss

PXL_20211024_213313318 (1) With my PC in for an upgrade, I realize how many times I popon in during a day to check something - in spite of my trying to ignore The Facebook. It's a habit, and not necessarily a bad one. Perhaps a way to cope with the isolation of almost 2 years of a forced social isolation. We do what we have to do, we don't set the bar too high for "accomplishments", right? I still take a few moments each evening to reflect on the things I did during the day, and not necessarily looking for planned events from a to-do list - or a lack of them. I also plan something positive for the next day, to look forward to when I wake up.

I do find myself at a bit of a loss though, on what to do, other than some chores. I have more time lately to read  (Oscar Wilde again)  or watch videos on my laptop (Forbrydelsen) or just wander the neighbourhood. It's an eclectic mix of old and new, including this statue of somebody's mother. 

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