Sorry, the computer made me do it.
Empathy vs selfishness

Mellowing out

Ats_20211028_212927_00 (Medium) I had to jump through a few more hoops today to get my 'new' PC running properly, but I managed. And I was then able to mellow out with some laid back gaming - online too -  with my peeps. I did some chores on my farm, including feeding the pigs, then switched to trucking. The photo is a screenshot of Red Cliff Bridge, over the Eagle River. That's my online niche I think, streaming laid back simulation games, with quiet commentary and some calming background music. It relaxes me, and I've built a following of fans.

I got my will redone too, finally. Last update was over 30 years ago, so it was time ;-) DioGuardi Law did a great job, at a good price. 

And while there are lots of juice political stories to follow - same old same old. I'll leave you with just a couple of tidbits:

  • Facebook is still in the news. They've rebranded themselves to "Meta", hoping a name change will fix things. The new symbol has been described as an infinity symbol - more of a Lissajous figure I think. 
  • Ohio printed 35,000 Wright Brothers licence plates - without realizing they had shown the plane flying backwards. 
  • And after Chretien denied having any knowledge of abuse in Residential Schools, turns out he did know. So he lied mis-spoke, as most of them do. Until they are caught out. 


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