At a Bit of a Loss
Sorry, the computer made me do it.

SAD Times

PXL_20211026_162506032 It's time for Seasonal Affective Disorder to kick in. Grey days, shorter days, our summer is over. Le sigh.

I have a light box from Amazon, which I use when I get up. I think it helps. I brew a coffee, grab a bowl of oatmeal, click on the light and check my emails. I try to force myself to get out and walk too, although my rowing machine, just next to the balcony door, is a reasonable substitute. And there's fresh air too, as the door leaks a bit with an East wind.

I went for more physio today for my hip and ankle - both are getting much better, thankyou. And I got another haircut to tame my curly locks a bit - thx Tina. It's been a couple of months so it was getting a bit woofely. While there, I got a call - my PC has been upgraded and is ready for pickup first thing tomorrow. Yay! Back on the farm!

I heard that Trudeau announced his new cabinet today. I didn't bother with the details, as we know his criteria are to first maintain a gender balance, then ensure the appropriate representation of each region and voting block, then choose those that will support him and not raise any criticism, and then lastly to look at any particular competencies they may have. Although they have Deputy Ministers and flunkies to look after that last minor consideration. I believe that this was an unnecessary election, and that he will carry on as before. Stay tuned for his next bone-head move, to be followed by another apology. 

OK - rant for the day is done. 

In other news today:

  • Speaking of apologies, don't expect one from Jean Chretien. According to the CBC, he never heard of abuse in residential school while he was Minister of Indigenous Affairs. Although it was allegedly reported several times to his department.   
  • Yet another article against Zucky, detailing an SEC investigation of The Facebook. 
  • Here's how Internet journalism is being changed by Substack.
  • And supply chain delays are forcing some to change holiday travel plans 


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