SAD Times
Mellowing out

Sorry, the computer made me do it.

PXL_20211027_152326638 I meant to do a post Wednesday night, but sometimes shit happens. I was pleased to get my computer back after only a few days in the shop. After connecting up my rat's nest of cables, I was online again, streaming from my virtual farm, chatting with friends, feeding my pigs. But I started getting a subtle but persistent reminder onscreen that Windows needed to be activated. The store techie had left, so I tried MS support. An hour after a contact request, I got an automated call back that started with a 10 minute hold. I finally got a support woman, who I'm sure meant well. However, she was very much a talker, not a listener, and hard to understand. Or interrupt. But it appears this can be a new motherboard issue - a store problem I think.  So I'll head back to S'Norleans. 

I'm still watching Forbrydelsen, a classic in the Nordic Noir genre. Very well done, but a dark topic and all outside shots seem to be in the night, often with some drizzle thrown in. A dark end to the day, so I'll try instead to finish off with some Parks and Recreation episodes.  Especially if I'm in a bad mood. BTW - I'll change the posted date for this.

Anyway, here are some tidbits for all y'all:

  • As part of a Washington Post series, here's some interesting details on how The Facebook's algorithm shapes your newsfeed.   
  • There's also speculation on how they treat your emojis. 
  • And yet another article, from the Guardian, reporting that Zucky is advising staff to NOT start shredding everything (nudge nudge, wink wink)
  • Elsewhere, in non-Facebook news, the FDA is reportedly recalling millions of chili peppers.
  • Closer to home, more problems within the cabinet of Alberta's Kenney, with allegations of drunkenness, lewd behavior, and sexual harassment. 
  • And finally, some pointed comments from CTV's Don Martin, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the New Trudeau Cabinet". Cue the theme music



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