Thursday, the whatever of October
Time to upgrade


PXL_20211022_211312253 (1) Well, that was Friday - I think. Luckily, my smartphone tells me what day it is. (Does anyone bother to say it's a smart phone now?). Quiet day here, but I did do some rowing and made some appointments. Coming up is my lawyer for a will, Krown for undercoating, Tina for hair and Kirstie for physio. And I was pleased to notice the pigeons are still avoiding my scary balcony. Scary for them, as I have strung a flat web of clear fishing line back and forth, from the front railing back about a foot. Just enough so that if they try to fly down from the railing, things do not go well. No real damage, other than to their dignity and a few feathers but word seems to have been spreading. Still TBD - bundle up balcony furniture with a tarp and get out my winter jacket.

Some gems from today:

Twitter has admitted that the feed they show in your Home timeline is showing a slight right-wing bias. Unknown so far whether it's solely from their algorithm or skewed by the way you interact with it.   

A new film, The French Dispatch, starring Bill Murray, looks interesting. It's described as "a riff on and tribute to the New Yorker magazine, with its legendary roster of writers, famed insistence on standards, collegiate office culture, distinctive cartoons and typographic layout, metropolitan sophistication targeted at a general American readership".

Health system problems are hitting everyone, included the Welsh. Crews describe spending their whole shift in the queue, waiting to off load a patient. Or four hour wait for an ambulance for a woman that thought she was having a heart attack, and then a two hour wait in the parking lot until a bed could be found. She's ok. 

Fisher-Price is allegedly working on an adult version of the Chatter Phone pull toy - just in time for Christmas. 

Alberta recently voted on whether they wanted out of Equalization - a balance of funds between richer provinces and the more needy. It's suggested we ignore them.  

If you have young kids, recent Pfizer/BioNTech test results in the US show a 90.7% efficacy against the coronavirus.

And finally, as rumours continue of Zucky renaming FaceBook to better show his 'metaverse' focus, suggestions are pouring in,  such as Hellsite, Big Brother, and Facey MBookFace.



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