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Christmas shopping

Only 44 days to Christmas. And 15 days to Black Friday, November 26th, traditionally the busiest shopping day in the US. And by extension, here in Canada. It's on the American Thanksgiving long weekend, so a trip to the malls is a great way to bond with family - or escape relatives. It's also seen as a change for many merchants to move their balance sheet from the red to the black, to finally make a profit. Sales are huge, both for in person and online, with many places opening as early as midnight.

Last year we were all avoiding malls and COVID, this year many places have eased restrictions. Plus many people either think it's all over, or that since they have their shots they are now invincible. I predict more crowds, more infections, and more disappointments. We've seen supply chain woes all over the news, with the pictures of stacks of shipping cans, rows of waiting ships, and empty shelves.

My advice is to shop now, rather than hold out for the sales. Get your 'stuff' while it's in stock, before more price hikes. I've got suggestions for my grandkids and have started browsing the online sites. Yes, I should shop locally, and I am in the privileged position of being able to afford that option. But I really don't want the crowds, or the bother, sorry. I do wonder what the retail landscape will look like a few years from now - will these little stores all come back? For that matter, will all the restaurants and bars? 

And now the gems I've found - a mixed bag. It's been a while since I posted. 

  • The CBC has decided to close the comments section on their FaceBook news posts. Too much harassment and abuse of people, especially the story subjects or their commentators. Facebook will be disappointed. 
  • For Christmas shopping - a multi-tool for food preppers. Maybe for the gourmet camper? 
  • This is a bit of Halloween cuteness. 
  • Thinking of moving to a small town to save money? Check again. 
  • Apparently, there's a hand signal for domestic violence in the UK. Here in NA too??  
  • The Canadian Indigenous Affairs Minister is 'dumbfounded' that politicians dropped an appeal over Catholic Church's residential school payments, letting them off the hook for the full amount. Does he expect us to believe he is that na├»ve? 



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Steph from Aus

Haha I loved the inflatable man costume kids! Haven't seen a post from you in a few weeks Gramps. I'm hectically busy with the season, but I am lurking on your channels :)


Steph - Yes - I had a plan to post more often in here, as I've stopped using Facebook so much.
I'm good at planning, not so much at doing. I probably could do a post or two on just that ;-)
I'll email you.

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